Our mission is to provide access to alternative and natural relief, recovery and rejuvenation to help you achieve your personal health goals and Be the Best You. 


Personal Testimony from the co-founder

“I suffered for years from debilitating Lymes disease symptoms, including chronic back and joint pain, along with insomnia, brain fog and fatigue. As someone who had loved playing volleyball, dancing, soccer and pretty much any sport, I felt that my youth had been stolen by Lymes disease. However, one day I discovered cryotherapy and it has literally enabled me to take my life and my youth back. 

I was so grateful and happy to be able to make such a significant reduction in pain and improvement in my quality of life that I wanted to share it with others and make it more accessible to residents in Leander, Cedar Park, Northwest Austin, Jonestown and the greater hill country.

The cumbersome task of traveling all around town to meet with various doctors for appointments got me thinking there must be another way to get well. With that and the nasty side effects of the medications I had previously taken for treatment, I began to search for alternative and drug-free healing methods when I discovered cryotherapy. With Cryo Fire Health Spa, I hope that others can find the holistic healing and relief that I have discovered.”

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